The indoctrination of fear and doubt

Both science and religion are as old as humans themselves. But science has continued to grow and evolve, through research and observations.  Science has accumulated evidence of the creation of the universe from the big bang, 13.7 billion years ago. I believe evidence is something reproducible. Science offers these evidences readily.

On the other hand religion has remained the same. Nothing has changed since our ancestors and the ancestors before them and so on. Religion provides no evidence of the claim of a creator they claim created the universe.

It is understood that in the early lives of human evolution, at a time when humans became ‘aware’, there was many phenomena in place which they could not explain or understand. For example, they could not understand where diseases came from, drought (changes in weather), why the sun rose and sets in the east,  they knew these phenomena could be due to something bigger than themselves, whom they referred to as a god. Naturally humans have a deep sited need to believe, hence creation of worlds religion.

But as the science advanced and new knowledge was created and most of the phenomena were explained, the idea of a god continued to fade in the background. God was no longer needed to explain these phenomena.

Yet religion today has refused to move on or find new evidences for their claim, clinging on to ancient stories. This in my view is narrow mindedness and being stubborn.  No religious claim has produced evidence of existence of a god.

The absolute truth is the priests create religion to continue conning innocent people and they capitalize on people’s fears and empathy as they continue with this indoctrination and spread of fear of eternal damnation and doubt.


This thing we all call God.

Now here is the question, do we call same thing God? Or each one of us has their own God? We could be jumping up and down, from street to street whispering the name “God”, along with it, but are we uniformly referring to the same God?  How do we tell? How do we tell, the thing you call God, is same as what I call God? Or can we tell just by one’s religion affiliation? All these questions I will not burden you with tedious explanation, but to be succinct, everybody deep down know which God they call God, depending on what I would call personal needs, from which you turn to, at the hour of need. Whichever way you want to look at it the word God means different things for many people.

Myself I grew up in a family where Christian values were taught, that’s fine because that’s what I found there and so did most of you. So in that setting, when you talk of God, most of us will jump to the God being talked of in the bible. In the Muslim family setting when you talk about God, they refer to the one talked of in the Quran. And so will the Hindu, etc. you understand God’s perspective depending on which side you are on, and which stories you have heard.

In the minds of many of you, the concept of God is derived from the stories of the famous people in the religious books. To others this means a whole new thing. Yes we could be referring to the same thing using different terms and approach you may say. Or just simply different roads leading to the same destination. But how do we tell?

Even so, if we are referring to the same thing, why then different faiths? Faiths that have opposed each other and even threatening to end each other for good? Faiths that do not entertain each other and sees the rest as the rival or worse? To say the least, faiths that only sees them as the ultimate right, and therefore one cannot challenge them? Each faith giving you ultimatums?

From where I sit, people need God because they have needs, desires and ambitions. In their own subconscious they create a spot and call it “God”. They rush there from time to time to consult whenever the need rises. When things are going well for them they delete the spot and forget about the “God”, only to come later when things are “stuck”, or whatever. So are we really talking about the same God?

Why religion is divisive.

We can’t quite agree can we? It takes a rational thinker and an open minded one to really comprehend the idea. Because as it is, I as an outside observer, I see confusion. The confusion created by and around religious beliefs. Even those who are keen to observe these beliefs are not sure of what they do. It is as if, something is pushing them from the inside, and I want to think of it rather as a sort of desperation to belong. We know humans are social that’s how nature has brought us up, to want to belong with certain qualities and characters and get associated with them perhaps for approval. And as humans became more ‘aware’, religion was born creating multiple beliefs along the way.

It is my point that religion was instigated by man, not God. If not so, then we would not have Christians, Muslims, Jews (World’s main religions) Now based on which belief you belong, you are segregated from the rest, and only associated with that particular group. Every day of our lives we see Muslim schools, we see Christian schools, Jewish schools, the reason it is Because they have been formed based on your belief. It is even sad because people, young children are born and find themselves already segregated and find themselves in these groups. With that they cannot decide for themselves which group to belong and if they try they are labeled as outsiders, by their own parents.  You are labeled at birth either a Christian, Jew or a Muslim, based on where your parents are. So you find yourself a Christian for that matter and you are brought up a Christian and their beliefs.

In this regard you have no ability to question Christianity, because growing up, your mind and brain has been premeditated and conditioned to think in a certain way in line with practices and beliefs of Christianity, in other words, you have been “zombified” . That’s why I see religious figures do things and you wonder if they have a brain in them at all. But that’s beside the point.

So as you may begin to see in that regard, religion is divisive, it has created concepts you cannot imagine. Otherwise, how else would you explain, the sprung of churches in every corner you turn to? Every day we see this.

We say, Politics has divided us, we say Governments have divided us, we say Cooperates has divided us, we say, Tribalism, Ethnic backgrounds, the rich, the poor, all have divided us, and we forget the elephant in the room called religion. Religion has embedded itself in our brains and minds to the point we don’t see it. We do things in the name of religion that have made us drift apart.

As an outside observer, I see that religion has done more harm than good. Unless we sit down and think clearly, we shall soon turn on each other and declare each other as the enemy.

Why Religion is a dangerous virus.

The desperation is just amazing! When you see religious fellows tell you how lost and doomed you are for calling religion fake (which is true), you get the feeling how deep they have lost their sense of logic. I have said over and over again that religion is a dangerous virus. It infects human mind to the core! It takes away your sense of reason, takes away your ability to think independently, it is most of all divisive. It is the elephant in the room. It encourages unreason, it is barbaric delusive non-sense. It takes people of courage and rational thought to shake off this virus.

The key point here is, religion itself is insufficient because it leaves no room for new knowledge or challenge. It is conclusive. Yet there is no evidence whatsoever pointing to any supernatural intelligent associated with creation in the religious books. It is no doubt that humans have the strongest urge to explain the world. Religious stories became one of the ways humanity came up with to try and explain our existence here on earth. In a sense you get a feeling humanity had become really desperate to come up with such stories of supernatural intelligent. Humans want it easy, and quick fix, hence religion. religion has promised them even a place of solace, in a land of flowing milk and honey on condition that they should be in their utmost best behavior while here on earth. Are you kidding me? I mean think about it, with all this universe to “run”, how petty can you be to just be concerned about the morals of your own creation?

Now, even those who claim to be religious have lost it all together. They have become the greatest cons, the world has ever seen. The sprouting of churches on every corner you turn is just alarming, why? Because guys have realized a booming business, Religion is business.

Take this to heart fellows, the universe is huge, and we are alone. Religion was just instigated by mankind and not God. Religion has brought us more pain, and suffering, and to think, it is a self inflicted pain. The number of growing segregation schools across the world is amazing, suicide bombers and terrorism, clergy men who con people in the name of tithes. It is sad.


Let your minds stay clear.

I keep asking myself, what kind of information and stuff young people are feeding their mind out there. You know, the more you go to church, and the more you get deeply into it,  and get involved in religious nonsense the more dumb you become. For status, do you really need someone to translate the bible/Quran for you? How dumb really. Or do you just waste your time listening to those tithe hungry bastards? That’s a topic for another day. But let us maintain our precious boundaries.  Here is the thing, guys the more you listen to music the dumber you become. The more you watch TV the dumber you become. The more you listen to radio (Maina and Kin’gang’i), the bigger dumb you shall be! The more you read newspapers the more ignorant and dumb you become. You children keep watching cable news, you will grow dumb.

The more you keep yourself busy with fashion trends and latest hip-hop music, you become the greatest fool the world has ever seen! When you keep these things as the only thing, and neglect the natural world around you, you are such a fool and a waste on this planet.

Right now as we speak people are thinking of ways to control global warming,( moving to green energy, forestation, drought control, sustainable development, poverty eradication, e.t.c) you get my point.

Right now as we speak people are thinking of ways to colonize mars, and vacate Earth when calamity strike and save humanity from going to the way of the dinosaurs. The calamity will strike again and therefore we have no time to waste on TV, we need to think clearly. Instead of wasting your money and time going to church to listen to those stupid clergy men or watching those stupid TV programs, or memorizing those useless worship songs to sing in those mislead church choirs, why don’t you read Special Relativity theory. Perhaps you will learn something.

Go out there get information that will be useful to humanity, instead of wasting time on music in your ears! Invest your time in science and research. Let us think of ways, we need to find ways of understanding our universe, how it works and how we can save ourselves from the hostile nature of the universe.

We young people need to think, think, think and think!


Heaven is imaginary


The only place that exists, no one knows where in our physical universe, is a place of solace and comfort. It is a key motivation and self commitment for all who believe. Most religious people believe, they must eventually enter after their demise or else they will be doomed to eternal misery of anguish and agony. It is the world after this one we live in. The most interesting part is you should be in your utmost best behavior for you to enter such a place. For me this place is just a place imagined. Conjured in someone’s mind and propagated by religion so as to get people in their best behavior, even so as unnecessary as it is. Religion has tried many of its tricks  to manipulate minds of people to live a moral life, but I have said time and time again, a person,  a normal human being can live a moral life without religion. Religious people tell these stories of heaven and hell, even to our young generation to get them to behave and for moral policing.

It is true that humanity since its existence and civilization came along have always had questions about their existence and their purpose here on earth. Most of them driven by a deep desire to have something bigger than themselves, came up with concepts of God and hence religion. In search for answers to the miseries and natural calamities that befall them, they in their desperation turn to unknown places that they themselves do not know exist, in fact they create these places in their own mind, to seek comfort and consolation so as to skip the despair and create hope. The truth is humans in creating these imaginary places, have not yet accepted their presence here on earth and hoping for a better place, maybe in a different dimension from the real one we are at the moment.

Quantum physics predicts the existence of parallel universes, through theories like string theory, but does not predict at any given time, the land of honey and milk. The concept of honey and milk is a predetermined concept created in the minds of religious people, to lure innocent humans into their vice, promising them comfort in a place they can only imagine. In the end these people give up their sense of rational thought in exchange for devious non-logical sense and nonsense.  You monopolize your little children with stories of heaven and hell with strict religion adherence a needless as it is. Until science proves heaven exists, that story remains imaginary.

God the delusion

One of the challenges I have had in the past with the religious people is that they do not invite rational thought and a sense of logic, especially when someone questions faith. Science is yet to prove that God exist. In my opinion it’s not a contest between religion and science of who is right about the universe and wrong. If we have to have this contest at all, then we put evidence on the table and analyze each carefully. That’s not the point, the question about God has been around ever since humans begun to think. This is due to the fact that from history humans have always wanted to look up to something more than themselves, something to look up to for solace and comfort, especially in times of miseries. Humans have always wanted more than themselves, they have looked up to the universe that produced them, for answers to things they cannot answer, and hoped for answers to a higher being than themselves. So at this instance a seed is planted, and in so doing, it germinates, and produces different versions of faith, religion and believes of how we, in the first place came into being. Even after all this, still they had to look for more. Believe and faith is not enough, they needed evidence, there, that’s when science is born. Carrying out experiments drawing conclusions beyond any doubts and then slowly, they delete off one god one by one. As more experiments are done, new evidences come up, they delete one god one by one, as they come slowly and close to the truth about their very existence. Our universe is a very, very complex place, and explaining it in just one word; “Faith”. Or “believe”, Is in my opinion understatement.  From the history of the Vikings, they worshiped a god of lightening called Thor. He was also responsible for causing darkness upon the earth. They believed that shouting at him, would eventually  hear them and bring back sunlight. However as days went by, and science found its course, evidences pointed to the fact that, that was indeed an eclipse, not a god. Even now we know the truth now, thanks to science.  So I guess they had to delete that god from their charts. Even so, in the seventeenth century, Galilei Galileo who is today the father of modern science spent the last days of his life in a house arrest, for telling people, that the moon was not a god, it was just a moon. People those days worshiped the moon, and challenging them, otherwise, earned him a penalty. Even now we know who was right and who was wrong. So you see the concept about God, is a delusion conjured in the minds of men, seeking refuge in something beyond themselves and above. That is the true nature of men.

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