Why religion is destroying our society

A suicide bomber kills for what they believe is the highest ideal.They are out there to kill you,me and themselves,because they believe if they kill they will get in heaven.To understand this kind of a person you need to know the religion terrorism they inspire is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith.(Jihadsm).Faith disco urages free thought.We live in a time of lethal polarisation where we have seen the world’s greatest religions push to the limits where there can be no reconciliation.We have witnessed Christian insanity penetrating our society too.we have seen people claim to perform miracles in the name of Christ,just to get into your pockets to steal what yo u have worked so hard to get.religion has destroyed our society.I thought this twenty first century should be a century of reason and sanity.its to the contrary.If only we could put aside our religious deferences this world would be a peaceful and wonder full place to live.


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