You have walked and searched long, wide and hard but still you cant find a job. In Kenya its quite normal, not only in Kenya but across the world. Looking for a job becomes your job. Here is the thing my friend regardless of where you come from money is a problem. Unless you were born in state house. However hard life is you need to survive. When it comes to making money don’t be choosy on the kind of job you do, just as long as it’s legal in this country. What is important is you need to make money and survive. In Kenya especially in Nairobi if you look for a job you will look forever. But if you look for money you will do anything that comes your way just to add an extra coin in your pocket. Now you have searched for job and nothing seems coming your way. Meanwhile you can afford Ksh1000? I believe if you are serious person that’s enough capital to start a small scale business. This amount can give you a booming business here in Nairobi. Here are some of the suggestions you may need to consider to start a business with Ksh1000.
1) Egg business. In Kenya eggs are on high demand and pays well too. This is because eggs are required in large quantities especially around urban areas. In Nairobi for example an egg goes for ksh20, while in other rural areas its ksh8 averagely. So if you have ksh1000 you can buy 125 eggs and sell them at ksh20 each. This will give you ksh2500. That’s 150% profit! So as you do this be patient and determined you will finally arrive!
2) If you have an experience in cooking then “mandazi” or “chapatti” will do you a great deal. A 2kg of wheat goes for ksh130 averagely. Cooking fat is about ksh110, 0.5kg. Plus other small ingredients which will cost you about ksh100. One packet averagely will produce 50 “mandazi “ or 20 “chapatti”. You can look for a market, especially where there is work going on like a construction site will be great. You can sell 1chapati at ksh20 or 1manadzi at ksh10. Now for chapatti you will make ksh400 and for “mandazi” you will make ksh500. This is from one packet. And if you target 5 packets, that will give you ksh2500 for “mandazi” and 2000 for “chapatti”.
With ksh1000 you need to be creative and come up with a smart plan that will generate you some profit to keep you going. as you wait for your career.


4 thoughts on “hOW TO START A BUSINESS WITH KSH1000”

  1. thanks for the mandazi and chapati business. last week i started the bizna and started making ndazi and chapati with only 1k which i borrowed frm a friend. First day i started with 3bags now am making 7bags n pocketing 1700 profit a day. Its a bizna. I cnt regret that i have a dip in hotel n catering.

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  2. Pretty cool! Call me “Inspired”! I’ve actually tried the business in my free time. And, yes it works. Free time however is becoming mythical.


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