Why Marijuana should NOT be Legalised

Cannabis Sativa, the name of a plant from which marijuana comes from when it is dried. Its usually smoked in hand rolled cigarettes or brewed in tea and even in food.
Even though we have personal freedom and free will and understand that each country has a responsibility to respect individual free will and their rights to free determination, we have to understand also that immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one’s set of moral beliefs. War against drugs can serve as the immediate interest of politicians who takes a “moral” stand against drugs or fighting evils caused by illegal trade. They only increase their popularity in their respective constituents.
When a certain drug is illegal in a certain country or state that does not stop traffickers from producing the drug and selling it. And so considering legalization of marijuana, before even making it legal one has to weigh both positive and negative impact of marijuana on the society and what the majority of the population thinks about it. Most population across the world considers marijuana as unhealthy. The impact of the drug on one’s health should also be considered.
On Friday 13th march 2015 according to yahoo news, The Texas law makers have introduced a comprehensive medical marijuana legislation that would allow patients suffering from serious conditions including cancer and seizure disorder to access the plant with the doctor’s prescription. Evidently legalizing marijuana its consumption will increase because of its ready availability and the reduced prices. This will create new consumers rather than saving the current ones. We both know that drug use is dangerous, because drug alters the way our brain works negatively. Even apart from the users themselves, there are vast effects on the society as a whole. Any responsible state or government cannot legalize marijuana because we have known this drug to have more negative effects than the positive ones. The government is responsible for the health of its people and so it cannot be involved in distribution of this substance considered immoral and unhealthy by majority. If it does so it will be exposing its citizens to more risk of illness against its main goal which is to take care of the health of its people. The rising cost of health care, violence related with use of drugs, neglect suffered by innocent children by their drug addict parents. All this will come up if marijuana is legalized. Considering these negative effects of drug use, we should avoid legalizing this drug. We both need a healthy and peaceful society to live in.


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