If we are fine why are we dying like flies? Well sir the truth is you are being lied to! With your very own trusted advisors. When they come and say “sir we have been on the ground and the situation has been controlled” or they say” sir, the problem will be solved very soon” well sir, the truth is Kenyans are suffering. Its sad to tell you this. This is the situation and this is the truth, not from one of your advisers or any political person whatsoever. This is from the Kenyan people themselves because the people they elect do not represent them in any way sir. This is from a concerned Kenyan wounded from the Garissa university college that was attacked two days ago by the so called Al-shabaab, that saw 148 innocent Kenyans killed. Well sir its so sad. Am writing this because I believe you will read this letter. Otherwise I couldn’t bother to write. As for now sir, as scared to leave the house because am afraid, I do not know what will befall when I go to the market. Sir I will not waste your time, so I will go straight to the point. Sir we have a problem! A serious problem of insecurity in this country and we need it addressed once and for all. This sir, is not a request. During your campaigns you promised to provide us we adequate security. Even so, during your inauguration as the fourth president of this country you assured the rest of us to secure our borders. I don’t understand why this can’t be addressed. Well sir, I think the solution to insecurity in this country will not be addressed by recruiting more police officers into the army! Or bombing al-shabaab’s camps in jets located at kismayu. You need to understand that most Kenyan youths have finished their education and have no jobs sir. And so they easily fall for the ready Al-shabaab’s bait, and in so doing they come back to kill their own innocent fellow citizens who are unprotected by your government, in their own course to fulfill their duty. Of course their duty! Well sir that is not all. Most of your officers who are supposed to provide the security to your people are corrupt. They take bribes from the Al-shabaab into the country. Sir am afraid if this continues you will lack the people to vote for you in the next general election in 2017. Or even if elected you will have no one left to lead! Why do you think your officers are corrupt sir? It’s not because they love it when they take bribe, its because they have mouths and families to take care of! With the rising cost of living, the economy is crushing us down. The point is sir, those officers need to be paid and not just paid, but they need to be paid well. Their well being needs to be looked into, so that they protect your people not taking bribes from them instead! If this is done I think they will readily protect this nation. And corruption will end at least on their side sir. Sir as long as you are still the president of this wonderful and beautiful country and unemployment and the menace of corruption is not dealt with, as a citizen I will not be safe. Do something about it sir. That’s not all sir, am greatly worried and concerned about the state of the roads in this country. Our roads need to be improved they need to be expanded for God’s sake! I mean they are too narrow. How do you expect to reduce the rates of accidents with these kind of roads? Sir the big problem is that in this country we are not serious even with our own lives. Our leaders have some kind of stupidity in them, of course not you sir I believe you are a man full of big dreams and vision for this country. But please do not take so long to implement your visions and goals. If you look at the state of the roads in this country you get a clear picture that we are not serious as a nation. For example its common site at least to everyone that all our roads are a two tier traffic, the coming and going of traffic on the same narrow road! I Think it’s even God’s mercies that we are all not dead. Why sir? Why can’t we have better roads in this country? Please sir, help me get it. Why can’t we have just better roads? Is the money the problem? I hear there is a railway being underway construction in Lamu. That’s applause on your side sir. But what kind of rail is it again? Is it Electric? Sir these are the major issues that needs to be addressed, and very urgently sir.
1) Insecurity- whichever means you will use, doesn’t matter we need security that we earnestly pay for.
2) Unemployment – our young men beautiful sisters are well educated but have no jobs. Am not asking you to give them jobs sir, what am saying is you can provide an environment for them to get jobs.
3) Economy is crushing us down. The very people who voted for you in the office can’t even afford basic items on the market. Basic like food.
4) Improve the state of roads in this wonderful country. I mean they are so narrow. Why cant we have good roads? In fact its common knowledge to me that all roads in every estate should be tarmac. Of course why not?
5) Improve the state of living conditions of our highly esteemed brother and sisters who protect and secure the borders and your citizens in this country. Pay them well. I overheard that those who came to rescue the victims of the Garissa university college victims were given just ksh500 for lunch? Really? If so then that is really bad sir. It means you are not even close to helping our brothers and sisters in this field. That however has to change. If you don’t follow this simple advice you will never end corruption in you system. Having said that sir, I need to give you time to rest but allow me to say one thing, please it will be great and its my prayer that you unite this country. You our president and that should not be a big problem at all. End tribalism in your government lead by example give all Kenyans equal opportunities and stop being biased sir. If you do all these no doubt I will gladly vote for you com e the next elections in 2017. Sir am only a messenger and that is what I have done, deliver the message. The message of the people, the poor people. We hopefully look up to you. Sir we…sir can you hear me? Sir? Sir? Is anybody there? Sir can you hear me? Please! Anybody there?! Pleeeease! Somebody help me! Obama! Can you hear me? Al-shabaab is killing us!


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