If we Africans are not stupid how do you prove otherwise?

Across the continents it is said that Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources and culture. Yet it is the poorest continent in terms of development. Africa is suffering from difficult times. Myself am proud to be African, but am not happy with the state in which Africa is in right now. I live in a continent where young men and women have no hope. They are well educated but have no jobs. For them it is easy to turn to crime and violence, because they too needs means to survive and that turns to be the only way out for them. Africa leadership is far behind schedule. Talk about corruption, you find its rampant in Africa, poor education systems you find them in Africa, poor development policies both in Africa unemployment rates are highest in Africa, poverty levels, poor health facilities and services, of course they are in Africa these facts we have to accept. Talk of poor transport systems and you will find them in Africa. I mean all negativity and backwardness in one continent! Africa is the continent where negativity reigns supreme. What surprises me most is the fact nobody seems to care. Nobody cares about their own continent. Their level of stupidity and ignorance has blinded them so that they cannot see. They do not realize the problems they are in! how do we say then that we are cleaver people? The answer is NO! we are stupid and we deserve a beating to wake up! This level of stupidity I cannot really understand. Talk of any negative thing about humanity and you will find it in Africa why? Why can’t we have even one good thing out of Africa? Anything positive? We are backward we have to admit. The sooner the better for both of us. Both our leaders and we citizens. The world views Africa as a stupid continent because that’s how we present her to the rest of the world. We Africans if we have to develop and compete equally with the rest of the world, we need to wake up from slumber quo. We need to broaden our thinking. Especially those people we elect to be our leaders. Leadership in this continent is eccentric and full of greedy unthinking people who maliciously grab and never gets enough. Grabbing what right fully belongs to the poor innocent citizens who in their naivety elected them, hoping to be helped. In Africa people are after enriching themselves. No one cares about their poor brothers in the neighborhood starving to death. After they grab they run away from Africa to go and “invest” in other continents, leaving Africa wounded, to fend for her own poor people. They run away looking for better life abroad. They run away because they know what they have done. Stolen from Africa. Leaving the poor to the mercies of starvation, unemployment, poverty and finally death in poverty. It is sad and it is bad. How can we have all these natural resources and yet we can’t use them to develop? We cry of poverty which is true, and yet we have everything to develop, or is it that we lack confidence in ourselves? A lot has been said about African and I think we Africans are the change. Don’t wait for America, Europe or even Asia to come to help. They will always laugh at us. The truth is we can develop if we want to. Only if we open our eyes to the reality facing us and work hard towards real change. We need to stop bad leadership and elect people who are willing to develop this continent. People with a vision and good heart not greedy fellows. Here it is better to face reality than false hope. Nothing positive comes from Africa. Am not being pessimistic am just stating a fact. If you think otherwise bring it on. This however must change. It doesn’t has to be this way always. Lets wake up and fight bad leadership, corruption, poverty and lets educate our society on issues that are important to them. Its our responsibility to make sure that the next generation lives in a better Africa that we did. All these has to be done. Someone has to do them. Let that someone be you, us. I have published this article intentionally because am doing my part to mobilize you and the others who read this article today to take part in this mission to change Africa for the better.


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