War Against Terror

Terrorism from history is as old as hills. What really causes terrorism? Many have suggested poverty and oppression. They say eradicate poverty, oppression and terrorism will vanish. That’s not true however; we have to understand that terrorism thrives even in developed countries such as American, and even the Middle East. We live in a time of lethal polarization where the world’s greatest religions are pushing the limits where there can be no reconciliation. In New York, Madrid and London we have seen the religious insanities of Middle East penetrate heart of secular west. To understand the likes of Osama bin laden you have to understand that the religious terrorism they inspire is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith. Even the so called moderate believers are part of the religious fabric. They encourage unreason as a positive virtue. What really worries is that the so called religious warriors think of what they do as the ultimate right. Terrorism has appeared in many forms and guises, nationalism-separatists, inspired by the extreme left and radical right. Contemporary terrorism fueled by religious and nationalist fanaticism, operating in failed states and sometimes instigated, financed and manipulated by governments is more dangerous than ever before.
Talk of ethnic conflicts, which are equally unsolvable. For example what if the two ethnic groups claim a territory which they are unwilling to compromise? The truth is, war against terror is far from over. It’s better to face the truth than live in false hope. War against terror cannot be worn by eradicating poverty and oppression. Eradication of poverty and oppression should be done to improve humanity welfare not to combat terror. From history we realize that terrorism thrives in only free societies. For example there was not terrorism in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. There was no or none even in less harsh dictatorships. Terrorism thrives in free societies where freedom is enjoyed. In society of freedom in certain circumstances, if terrorism has been permitted to operate too freely and become a nuisance a high price has to be paid in terms of limitations of freedom and human rights to put an end to it. Of course free societies are reluctant to pay such a price. This is one of the greatest dilemmas of our times and no one has so far found a painless way to solve it. To me that is the only way to go, if that is the price to pay to curb this rampant inhuman menace of terror, then be it.


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