Religion a dangerous virus?

We live in a shadow of a religiously inspired terror in an era where science has plainly shown religious superstitious to be false. Yet it is a strange anomaly that faith schools are increasing in number and influence in our education system. In London for example there are 7000 faith schools and yet the government is encouraging more. Over half of the academy schools are sponsored by religious organizations. The most worrying is the new wave of private evangelical schools adopting America’s Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) curriculum. This curriculum does not encourage the learners to consider the weird claim of the bible alongside scientific fact. It also indoctrinates into what an objective observer may see as war to morality.
When it comes to small children, I think religion is a dangerous virus, that is transmitted down generations from parents to the child and grandchildren and not only from the teachers and clergy men. Children are especially vulnerable to infection by virus of religion. A child is genetically programmed to accumulate knowledge from figures of authority. A child’s brain from a very good Darwinian reason has to be set up in such a way that it believes what it is told by its elders. The reason is that it isn’t just time for this child to experiment with warnings like “don’t go too near the cliff edge” or “don’t play with fire you will get burned” or still even, “don’t swim in the river it has crocodiles”. Any child who applied scientific skeptical questioning attitude to that will be dead. The child’s brain will automatically believe what it’s told even if it is non-sense. Then when this child grows into an adult it will tend to pass on that non-sense to its children. And so religion goes on from generations to generations. For many people when growing up, those who have a good strong dose of rational thinking manage to shake this virus off. Otherwise their mind remains stuck and in a state of infancy, and there is a real danger of passing this virus to the next generation. If you take an example of a child brought up in a strict religion family, the child has no freedom to think freely, investigate and choose what they think is suitable and best for them. This child therefore is limited in terms of their view points about life. This is wrong and abusive. The reason is, their childhood is one dominated by fear. Fear of disapproval while at the present and even eternal domination. For a child, images of hell fire and gnashing of teeth is as real and not just fictions at all. Stories of hell fire inserts fear into children and that’s wrong. If you bring up a child and discourage it from free thinking and making decisions that is mental and psychological abuse. For example if you tell a child if they die they are going to rot in hell. To me that is abusive. It is deeply disturbing to think that there are believers out there who actively use the idea of hell for moral policing. It is weird to label a tiny child as Christian, Muslim or Jew and categorize it according to the religion of its parents, and not the political parties of its parents. We both agree that this child is still too young to make decisions about political parties. But why is religion so special? Faith is a matter of life and life to us. Everyone should be given a chance to think freely and make decisions on what they believe is best suited for them. It should not be imposed at birth.


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