This goes to the love of my life…

My love
My love, by now I hope you know,
I hope you know everything I have told you.
By now I hope you know that I love you.
My heart beats steadily with joy,
Every time I think about you.
You my love, bring love and joy.
You give me every reason to face another day.
My love, I don’t want to live without you.
What, brings happiness in my life everyday
My love,
It is this chance to say, “I love you!”
This chance means so much to me, my love.
A rare chance, those other men you didn’t give.
That only, my love means so much to me.
That chance only my love, means that we
Are really something, something you can never forsake.
My love, our destiny is real.
We should never deny.
My love I want you to do me a favor.
Be patient with me,
Understand me too.
I will do my best to the best for you.
Though am not perfect, I will give you,
My best.
Finally my love,
I can’t give you a world full of roses,
But I have something so precious
To me,
That is the only thing I can give you.
I give you my heart,
My love.


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