Single, yeah! …But Really?


A question I have been asking myself over and over for some time now, but haven’t had an answer just yet, and now am going to ask you the same. Why do most people lie about their marital status? It’s a rhetorical question but I want you to take your time and think about it. Like for example why a married man, woman or even a Young man, young woman would tell you they are single and yet they are indeed married or even in a relationship? A thought of someone lying to you about their marital status is quite disturbing. This is not something new; we encounter these instances especially in social places, our places of work and social networks. Most this cases are more evident on face_ book. Of course you don’t have to believe everything you read on the internet. The idea of a married man or woman telling you they are single is just laughable. Yet we so often forget that these are some of the things that tear apart our beautiful marriages and wonderful relationships. According to Mar slaws law of hierarchy of human needs, acceptability in the society is one of them. Everyone needs to be accepted and loved, especially from our own cohorts, we come from. We both need to be known, identified with a specific group of people, and unfortunately in search of that most of us often lie about who we truly are, just to get the ‘approval’ and ‘appreciation’, but there is one thing they forget. Honesty. Honesty traces its roots back to human morality. We both know that human moralities are invincible. They are our guidelines and from which the rule of law is derived. In any relationship honesty is key. Ignore honesty and your relationship will be at stake. To say the least. The truth is you can do all you want, tell people all sort of things, but without honesty you will lose. More often people will always accept and appreciate you for who truly are. Free advice: NEVER pretend to be something you are not. Don’t lie. Lastly don’t start a relationship you can’t manage. It’s better to avoid than regret later. The choice is yours. Do the right thing.


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