My Beutiful Mbaire..

My Beautiful Mbaire
Even though you are far away
You are always in my heart to stay
Nothing will put us apart, away
For ever for everyday
My heart melts with joy
And into the darkness of a gloomy sky
My hand fumbles helplessly
Seeking, searching and reaching for you lovely
My heart is arching for you my Mbaire
My heart is searching for you Mbaire
My heart is calling deeply
For you my beautiful Mbaire
My Mbaire!
Come on don’t be shy
This love you can never run away
You only embrace and stay
You enter and throw away the key
May the angels of God guard the doors I pray
For safety
When my hand finds yours finally
Peace I have never known till I found you lastly.
My beautiful Mbaire,
My heart finds a home in you
In the darkness I found you waiting patiently
Ever since I found you I have known peace.
My heart longs for you
My beautiful Mbaire!


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