Love is interesting, and if you have ever loved anyone then you understand what i speak of. Agape love, parental love, romantic love, friendly love etc. it is no doubt that love comes in many forms and guises and with it, comes many good things so to speak. They say love is care, love is happiness, love is kindness, love is gentle, love is patience and so many other good things you may think of that comes with it. it is very true. however, my reason for writing this article is relatively different, to try and diagnose the true nature of love just from my own perspective of it.i never want to differ on this and again like i said it is my perspective, every one has there own way on how they look at it and have freedom to do so.we both live in environments that are not constant, habitats that are highly vulnerable and altered at any instant. we encounter set backs in life everyday, like broken marriages, family violations, insecurity, sadism, suicide, murder and many more problems that we encounter daily. but as we collide with this problems lets not forget the elephant in the room called love. think of it. love can make someone commit suicide or murder. why is that the case? do we dismiss it as obsession? i believe if this happens it is time we stop and stand still to question what love really is. my point is even if we both love to be loved and to love, we appreciate every ounce of love, and its presence among us we need to understand its casualties and its domain.

A young man  Oliver Coleslaw was woken up early in the morning by a devastating phone call, a call that changed his life for ever. it was a call from his work place the department of Justice in New York city. He was the prime suspect for the murder of Martin Lobs. Martin was the ex boyfriend to Jennifer, Oliver’s current girlfriend. They had fought over her the previous night and Oliver had beaten Martin, leaving him at the mercy of the night, little did he knew he had killed him. Murder is a very heavy crime and he knew that he was facing a serious charge at its least is life in a maximum prison. His dreams were shuttered especially with Jennifer, the girl he loved. Now this story got me thinking; ‘wow! this is what love can do!’ in my opinion love creates some sort of selfishness in a sense that we do not want to share, especially those we love. love creates jealous in our hearts whenever we know we are sharing those we love. In the bible God was jealous when Israelite worshiped the golden calf and the reason is simple He loved the Israelite. This love in my view created a kind of hatred and malice which causes people to suffer and do the bad things they do like murder and suicide and other terrible actions in the name of love. A man or woman will kill for love. love creates malice, egocentricity, pride and false hope. among the catastrophes that faces humanity lets not forget love as the main genesis among other gene-sises. they story of Cain and Abel clearly depicts this in black and white. Cain became jealous of his brother because God loved Abel’s sacrifices. Terrorists will kill for love of his Jihad. love is a disease affecting humanity and it is dangerous.



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