Civilization is under siege: part 1

There is some one out there who wants to kill you, me and themselves in what they believe is the highest ideal. This fact is devastating and horrible at the conception of that very thought, which leaves you with just one question to ask. “how safe are you?” Terrorism is here to stay so it seems. but as our attention turns to terrorism, lets not forget the elephant in the room, called religion. it is obvious that everyone needs at the center some sense of meaning about about existence, it is life and death to us. it is what makes us who we are as human beings. yet most of us as we grow up and become responsible adults accept that life is complex, making us live in subtle shades and not black and white. my worry however is that this believers are being persuaded into childish uncertainties,the only truth they need desperately need is GOD, GOD as interpreted for them by their pastors and imams. This is not just a fairy tale i feel sad at the reality of this fact, and this is where i feel our hard earned civilization is under attack. we have seen fundamental American Christianity attack science, and what are they offering instead? a mirror image of Islamic extremism, an American Taliban.  The truth is we at a time of lethal polarization where the world’s greatest religion groups are pushing to the limits where there can be no reconciliation. In New York, Madrid, London, and last week in Paris, where we have witnessed religious insanity  of middle east penetrate the heart of this secular west. what happened in Paris last week where 120 innocent people lost their lives is horrible in every sense of it. Just o understand the likes of these terrorists and people like O. Bin Laden , You have to understand the religion terrorism they inspire, is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith (Jihad-ism). it is more surprising that even the so called moderate believers are part of this religious fabric. Religion encourages non reason, as a positive virtue especially for the believers who are totally impeded and submerged  into that virus called faith. and the result? unfathomable. faith is a virus that encourages  non reason, it is divisive and dangerous. the religious leaders are misleading their congregations. we have both seen people who come in the name of Christ who claim to work miracles but knows not the ways of Christ, they just do it to get into your pocket, and if that’s the case may they rot in eternal hell. it is very clear that region is destroying our civilization. OK the line at the bottom is that religion and its believers have and continue to undermine our efforts towards civilization. think about that!index


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