Touched by grace.

Many people spent their lives, trying to find the answer to a very simple question.

“who am i?” sadly most of them never get to know the answer even when they leavet this world.

In their desperation, they turn to science for answers, and find that science also is at the centre seeking the same answers. most of them  give up their lives and and choose to live,just simply.

Some in their wisdom turn to religion for same answers. some may find the answers others don’t.

For those touched by grace and favoured to know the truth of our lives and who we are; truly it is a very rare gift, one only God can give.

We dont boost about it, but we try as much we can to help others understand and in some way know themselves and who they are. knowing who you are is a very rare gift and comes not from our own wisdom,but from the teaching of the Holyspirit.

It is by the grace of God that i have recieved the salvation. Through salvation i have become a new creation, born of God.

In so doing the spirit of God dwells in me, thus He teaches me, and so that makes me walk in the conciousness of who i am.

It is until you find it reasonable to believe and have faith in the word of God, be born again, receive the Holyspirit you can never know who you are.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

Having Faith in God is the right step to starting to know yourself.

Once you’ve known who you are, you will find your purpose in life. God’s purpose in your life.

It is very important because you will live a life of abundace,happiness, and personal contentment even as you grow.

Challenges may come, but you will always rise above them. you begin to live a victorious life.

So at this point you realize how important salvation is to you.

And i pray that you may awaken your sturborn self to the realities that you continually  deny even when your innerself and subconcious says otherwise. 

Human being is a spirit being, living in a body.

Just understand that for you to know yourself you need to waken your spirit,

its when you can understand the things of God.

Its when you can know the purpose of God in your life. and when you know God’s purpose in your life, you will know who you are.

You will begin to florish and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

You receive God’s kind of life. God bless you as you find yourself and purpose in life.


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