Strive to make someone smile…

This is the way I see it. When I woke up today I was feeling a little bit sentimental, I can not answer why. Although I knew my day will be great, so as usual I shook off any negative feelings one gets in moments like this ones. You slowly embrace a positive attitude.

Then I remember the questions I had before going to bed, what have I done today for my country? What have I done today to make someone’s life better?  I can’t answer that one not just yet, because as I remember it, I do not have an answer.  To find an answer to that you need to observe keenly, the little things you do everyday.  I can not say I have lived a perfect life, but you see they are the mistakes we make that teach us. I have heard a share of the same for years I have lived.

One important thing I have learned is no matter whom you are, putting others first it is a good thing that you can do as a person. Living a selfless life. A life where you dedicate to others and in doing so, you set examples for others to see, you become like a beacon, shinning bright in the darkness. The greatest honor you can do to yourself is to live your life, for others. People matter.

The common mistakes we both make are that we have always labored for our own benefits, ambitions and goals. We do things for ourselves. It’s perfectly fine, until one day you realize that what you have worked for all this years has been in vain. Yet we had a choice to help others who are in need.  You leave this world yes rich and for what? My wish for you is do what is good. And to do what is good, is showing love to others.  Always wake up with that in mind, to change positively someone’s life. There’s also something else, in showing love, you give.

Giving does not necessarily mean you have plenty. It means you can share even the little you have, to your neighbor who is in need. Looking out for one another.  Many people think that the key to happiness is to have a lot of money, cars, and a good house. Sadly that is not true. Whenever you find yourself happy because you have money, you have a new car or even a house, you have a problem. Then what if the money is gone? The point is, there is more to life than money, or in simple words, material things.

You can not build your life loving material things. Love people; show your care to others. Always learn to give. And when you give, you do so with one heart, not expecting anything in return. Now here is what you need know if you truly want to be happy, if you want to be happy, make other people happy. It is that simple, what you choose to do in that course does not matter. My point is, even as you grow; learn to grow a selfless human being.  Serve others, with a clean heart. It is my wish that these values should grow deeply in your hearts. Come to think about it, it’s  a two way traffic, show love to someone today, and tomorrow when you need it, someone else will show it to you. In the end the choice we make depends entirely on our free will.

We all need each other. No one is more important than another, we are all equal.  And as such it is considered wrong in any human morals to look down upon other people because of pride and material things. Il leave you with that to think about.


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