Modern colonization

This madness of finish school, get a job where did it really come from? Whenever I hear such sentiments passed to a young innocent child, I feel sad. I feel sad because I feel something is not right. I feel the society has failed us, and it has failed us in a big way.

If I could regale your mind a little, just during the colonial periods, the whites enslaved Africans to work for them. Then they realized if only they could educate Africans, on the skills needed for a particular task or job, they would benefit because the produce would be more. Such led to introduction of education systems, and as time went by, Africans gained independence. The independence part is good news, but the bad news is that the colonial mentality has not left us yet. We still do things the colonial way.

My greatest concern is that this colonial mind set is being passed down from one generation to another, and no one seems concerned to break free and shake off this virus. You see the big picture here is, you get an education so that you can contribute positively to our societies, and to do that you need to have an independent mind set, a mind that can go against the norms.

That said, in todays society no one cares to tell this innocent school children the truth, they tell them to work hard in school so that one day they get a good paying job. A good paying job,  and for what? You see the truth is there is even no jobs anymore. You see once you finish school, you get that good paying job, you are still enslaved. Working for someone else, helping them to make millions using your hard earned skills and knowledge. It’s sad. It’s sad because you will die poor and alone just like a slave, only this time, an educated one.

The society has failed in raising responsible people, who can think on their own feet and out of the box. Nobody wants to tell you to finish school and start your own organization or business. The reason is rather simple, you will outgrow them. It is this kind of mentality that has continued to thrive amongst us, leading to many societies in Africa to suffer in abject poverty, diseases and famine. No body wants another to create.

Creating means, coming up with your own solutions to problems and challenges our societies suffer, by that you become your own boss, and with your hard earned skills and knowledge you quickly and effectively manage whatever it is you do. For me I think that is the main purpose of going to school. To gain knowledge and skills to make your own life better and not making someone else’s better. So in your own right mind you need to sit down and think. Think how the education you have can make your own life better, not someone else’s by being a slave to them. And by the way, working for someone won’t make you rich, at least not in this life.



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