Position of the boy-child in our society

The past few weeks we have seen an extra-ordinary upheaval campaigns promoting and standing up for the boy-child courtesy of @Cyprian Is, Nyakundi. It’s is a tough undertaking considering the extent at which the society today has been polarized with extreme feminism. This feminism virus has eaten the society to the core.  From the village, up country to the urban, and cooperate world. Nyakundi did a recommendable job of unearthing this menace, awakening the boy-child to stand up against this disease. The thing which made me deeply in support of his ideology is the fact of the position of the boy-child in our society.

Many have come up in protests protecting the girl-child, as a result the girl-child has been listened to and given every opportunity in private and government sectors, forgetting and leaving the boy-child behind unattended to and alone. Given this facts, it is ironical that the same girl-child with every opportunity in every corner, turn to the boy-child to exploit them, willingly or unwillingly. Before Nyakundi came along to unearth this, the boy-child has been exploited left, right and center. I must also point out the evil cultures we have developed over centuries, even before civilization. The society in which we have been brought up, man is the head even the Holy books recognizes this fact. We have grown up knowing this fact at every stage. When civilization came, women have stood up against this fact, and slowly and consequently gained mileage to the top of corporate world. Well done. Well done. They have what they wanted, to be heard, given equal opportunity as a boy-child in every sector and area of life. So now we are here.

For any objective observer, you will notice there is a problem, the boy-child has been left behind and ironically the same girl-child going for the boy-child’s neck throttling him! It is my take that now that we both have equal opportunities in the society, in terms of education, and even employment, then it follows we should all contribute equally to the society. How many times do you take your woman out on a date, and you are the one who always pays the bills. The woman tactfully leaves you to pay the bills. Am not saying paying bills is the problem, but should it always be the man? The society has always looked at women as fragile and weak creatures, who should always be protected and given attention. Protected from what? Yet the women have become so cunning, and artfully capitalized on this, to exploit men.

It is so sad that even the society itself has turned away from this, always looking at the boy-child as the offender and not the offended. It is a sad society to live in right now. Women solicit money and favors from men to climb to corporate ladders, in exchange for sexual pleasures, which in the end leaves a boy-child marginalized and vulnerable. As a result the society we cultivate becomes incompetent, marriages break and boy-child turns to crimes etcetera.  It is a problem that should be corrected now. If we have to call it a balanced society then, we need to have a system that recognizes both genders equally and treats them equally. A system that credits based on merit and competence and a society that cultivates and stands for moral values regardless of social origin or background.


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