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Am a conqueror never a failure

Heaven is imaginary


The only place that exists, no one knows where in our physical universe, is a place of solace and comfort. It is a key motivation and self commitment for all who believe. Most religious people believe, they must eventually enter after their demise or else they will be doomed to eternal misery of anguish and agony. It is the world after this one we live in. The most interesting part is you should be in your utmost best behavior for you to enter such a place. For me this place is just a place imagined. Conjured in someone’s mind and propagated by religion so as to get people in their best behavior, even so as unnecessary as it is. Religion has tried many of its tricks  to manipulate minds of people to live a moral life, but I have said time and time again, a person,  a normal human being can live a moral life without religion. Religious people tell these stories of heaven and hell, even to our young generation to get them to behave and for moral policing.

It is true that humanity since its existence and civilization came along have always had questions about their existence and their purpose here on earth. Most of them driven by a deep desire to have something bigger than themselves, came up with concepts of God and hence religion. In search for answers to the miseries and natural calamities that befall them, they in their desperation turn to unknown places that they themselves do not know exist, in fact they create these places in their own mind, to seek comfort and consolation so as to skip the despair and create hope. The truth is humans in creating these imaginary places, have not yet accepted their presence here on earth and hoping for a better place, maybe in a different dimension from the real one we are at the moment.

Quantum physics predicts the existence of parallel universes, through theories like string theory, but does not predict at any given time, the land of honey and milk. The concept of honey and milk is a predetermined concept created in the minds of religious people, to lure innocent humans into their vice, promising them comfort in a place they can only imagine. In the end these people give up their sense of rational thought in exchange for devious non-logical sense and nonsense.  You monopolize your little children with stories of heaven and hell with strict religion adherence a needless as it is. Until science proves heaven exists, that story remains imaginary.


God the delusion

One of the challenges I have had in the past with the religious people is that they do not invite rational thought and a sense of logic, especially when someone questions faith. Science is yet to prove that God exist. In my opinion it’s not a contest between religion and science of who is right about the universe and wrong. If we have to have this contest at all, then we put evidence on the table and analyze each carefully. That’s not the point, the question about God has been around ever since humans begun to think. This is due to the fact that from history humans have always wanted to look up to something more than themselves, something to look up to for solace and comfort, especially in times of miseries. Humans have always wanted more than themselves, they have looked up to the universe that produced them, for answers to things they cannot answer, and hoped for answers to a higher being than themselves. So at this instance a seed is planted, and in so doing, it germinates, and produces different versions of faith, religion and believes of how we, in the first place came into being. Even after all this, still they had to look for more. Believe and faith is not enough, they needed evidence, there, that’s when science is born. Carrying out experiments drawing conclusions beyond any doubts and then slowly, they delete off one god one by one. As more experiments are done, new evidences come up, they delete one god one by one, as they come slowly and close to the truth about their very existence. Our universe is a very, very complex place, and explaining it in just one word; “Faith”. Or “believe”, Is in my opinion understatement.  From the history of the Vikings, they worshiped a god of lightening called Thor. He was also responsible for causing darkness upon the earth. They believed that shouting at him, would eventually  hear them and bring back sunlight. However as days went by, and science found its course, evidences pointed to the fact that, that was indeed an eclipse, not a god. Even now we know the truth now, thanks to science.  So I guess they had to delete that god from their charts. Even so, in the seventeenth century, Galilei Galileo who is today the father of modern science spent the last days of his life in a house arrest, for telling people, that the moon was not a god, it was just a moon. People those days worshiped the moon, and challenging them, otherwise, earned him a penalty. Even now we know who was right and who was wrong. So you see the concept about God, is a delusion conjured in the minds of men, seeking refuge in something beyond themselves and above. That is the true nature of men.

Position of the boy-child in our society

The past few weeks we have seen an extra-ordinary upheaval campaigns promoting and standing up for the boy-child courtesy of @Cyprian Is, Nyakundi. It’s is a tough undertaking considering the extent at which the society today has been polarized with extreme feminism. This feminism virus has eaten the society to the core.  From the village, up country to the urban, and cooperate world. Nyakundi did a recommendable job of unearthing this menace, awakening the boy-child to stand up against this disease. The thing which made me deeply in support of his ideology is the fact of the position of the boy-child in our society.

Many have come up in protests protecting the girl-child, as a result the girl-child has been listened to and given every opportunity in private and government sectors, forgetting and leaving the boy-child behind unattended to and alone. Given this facts, it is ironical that the same girl-child with every opportunity in every corner, turn to the boy-child to exploit them, willingly or unwillingly. Before Nyakundi came along to unearth this, the boy-child has been exploited left, right and center. I must also point out the evil cultures we have developed over centuries, even before civilization. The society in which we have been brought up, man is the head even the Holy books recognizes this fact. We have grown up knowing this fact at every stage. When civilization came, women have stood up against this fact, and slowly and consequently gained mileage to the top of corporate world. Well done. Well done. They have what they wanted, to be heard, given equal opportunity as a boy-child in every sector and area of life. So now we are here.

For any objective observer, you will notice there is a problem, the boy-child has been left behind and ironically the same girl-child going for the boy-child’s neck throttling him! It is my take that now that we both have equal opportunities in the society, in terms of education, and even employment, then it follows we should all contribute equally to the society. How many times do you take your woman out on a date, and you are the one who always pays the bills. The woman tactfully leaves you to pay the bills. Am not saying paying bills is the problem, but should it always be the man? The society has always looked at women as fragile and weak creatures, who should always be protected and given attention. Protected from what? Yet the women have become so cunning, and artfully capitalized on this, to exploit men.

It is so sad that even the society itself has turned away from this, always looking at the boy-child as the offender and not the offended. It is a sad society to live in right now. Women solicit money and favors from men to climb to corporate ladders, in exchange for sexual pleasures, which in the end leaves a boy-child marginalized and vulnerable. As a result the society we cultivate becomes incompetent, marriages break and boy-child turns to crimes etcetera.  It is a problem that should be corrected now. If we have to call it a balanced society then, we need to have a system that recognizes both genders equally and treats them equally. A system that credits based on merit and competence and a society that cultivates and stands for moral values regardless of social origin or background.

The Quantum mechanics and what you should know.

Most of us, our lives is limited and revolves around the normal hustle of the city, get a job, go to school and pay bills and much more. Not a single day have we stopped to ask very fundamental questions about the universe in which we live. I believe as a person with a brain and living on this earth, I have a right to stand and ask some of these fundamental questions, and I also have a right to get answers.

Now am not a physicist neither am I a mathematician but I had I a personal and vested interest in this two, because even now I believe they hold the key to at least if not most of it, shade some light on this mysterious universe. While reading; “Physics for Today and Tomorrow by Tom Duncan”. I came across a very interesting topic of quantum mechanics and so I decided to do a bit of digging. What I found on the topic is intriguing and mind blowing which left me with more questions than answers on the reality of the universe we live in.

For thousands of years scientists have been trying to unlock how the universe works, and they have done extremely well. At the fundamental level they have come up with extremely different set of laws that has redefined how the universe works from the outta space to the cities we live in, and to this effect our view of the world has shifted, thanks to these strange mysterious laws that are redefining our understanding of our reality, they are they laws of quantum mechanics.

In quantum world there is a sense in which particles don’t like to be tied down to just one location, or path. It’s almost as if objects are in more than one place at a time and that what I do here can have an immediate effect somewhere else, even when there are no people there. And here is the strangest thing of them all, if people behave like particles inside the atom, then most of the time you wouldn’t know where they are instead they could be just anywhere until you decide to look at them. You may think that quantum laws apply only to the tiniest of particles, but think about this, am made of atoms and so are you.

However the most interesting thing that caught my eyes is the idea of entanglement. This is theoretical predictions that come from quantum mechanics equations. It says that two particles can become entangled when they are close together and their properties become linked. Remarkably quantum mechanics says even if you separated those particles sending them in opposite direction they remain entangled and connected. To understand this; consider two spinning wheels, quantum mechanics states that at any particular moment at random if you choose to measure (look) at any of the wheels, and you find one is rotating in clockwise direction then, the other by default is rotating in anticlockwise direction. But at that moment before you measure (look), any one of them could be rotating in any direction. Even if the two wheels were separated by distance say one is on the moon, the other one here on earth, if one is rotating clockwise, the other is sure to be anticlockwise.

Now that said, one of the dreams of scientist has been to transport objects across distances, without crossing the distance in between in a process called teleportation, just like in star trek but is it possible in real world given the concept of entanglement? Remarkably in Canary Islands the experiments are underway for teleportation, and they are trying to teleport tiny particles called photons the particles of light. They begin by generating two entangled particles of photons in a lab, on the island of Lapalma. One particle stays on Lapalma, while the other one is transported by laser to the island of Tenerife 89miles from Lapalma. Then, the third photon is brought in, the one to teleport, and has interaction with the one entangled in Lapalma, and studies the quantum state of the two particles.

The interesting part is, the team is able to transform the one photon on the island of Tenerife with this comparison into an identical photon to the third photon because of the spooky action as they call it. It is as if the third photon was teleported without traversing the distance between.

From where I sit I look forward to future days where humans will be teleported to distant planets with this amazing entanglement of particles as we learn more about the interesting facts of quantum mechanics and our universe.


Modern colonization

This madness of finish school, get a job where did it really come from? Whenever I hear such sentiments passed to a young innocent child, I feel sad. I feel sad because I feel something is not right. I feel the society has failed us, and it has failed us in a big way.

If I could regale your mind a little, just during the colonial periods, the whites enslaved Africans to work for them. Then they realized if only they could educate Africans, on the skills needed for a particular task or job, they would benefit because the produce would be more. Such led to introduction of education systems, and as time went by, Africans gained independence. The independence part is good news, but the bad news is that the colonial mentality has not left us yet. We still do things the colonial way.

My greatest concern is that this colonial mind set is being passed down from one generation to another, and no one seems concerned to break free and shake off this virus. You see the big picture here is, you get an education so that you can contribute positively to our societies, and to do that you need to have an independent mind set, a mind that can go against the norms.

That said, in todays society no one cares to tell this innocent school children the truth, they tell them to work hard in school so that one day they get a good paying job. A good paying job,  and for what? You see the truth is there is even no jobs anymore. You see once you finish school, you get that good paying job, you are still enslaved. Working for someone else, helping them to make millions using your hard earned skills and knowledge. It’s sad. It’s sad because you will die poor and alone just like a slave, only this time, an educated one.

The society has failed in raising responsible people, who can think on their own feet and out of the box. Nobody wants to tell you to finish school and start your own organization or business. The reason is rather simple, you will outgrow them. It is this kind of mentality that has continued to thrive amongst us, leading to many societies in Africa to suffer in abject poverty, diseases and famine. No body wants another to create.

Creating means, coming up with your own solutions to problems and challenges our societies suffer, by that you become your own boss, and with your hard earned skills and knowledge you quickly and effectively manage whatever it is you do. For me I think that is the main purpose of going to school. To gain knowledge and skills to make your own life better and not making someone else’s better. So in your own right mind you need to sit down and think. Think how the education you have can make your own life better, not someone else’s by being a slave to them. And by the way, working for someone won’t make you rich, at least not in this life.


To my littlest wolf…

You, my littlest wolf are my favorite,

you need not fear,

for i am hear to take away the fear,

i will protect you from the ravening snow

and the swirling whirlwind

i will come swiftly to keep you warm.

whenever you are alone and with fear

hold tight to this sculpture

and close your little eyes

and i will be there, my littlest wolf.

you, my littlest wolf are my darling,

and need not fear the terror of the dark.

for i will keep you and protect you

from the creeping night

i will keep you safe, my littlest wolf.


Strive to make someone smile…

This is the way I see it. When I woke up today I was feeling a little bit sentimental, I can not answer why. Although I knew my day will be great, so as usual I shook off any negative feelings one gets in moments like this ones. You slowly embrace a positive attitude.

Then I remember the questions I had before going to bed, what have I done today for my country? What have I done today to make someone’s life better?  I can’t answer that one not just yet, because as I remember it, I do not have an answer.  To find an answer to that you need to observe keenly, the little things you do everyday.  I can not say I have lived a perfect life, but you see they are the mistakes we make that teach us. I have heard a share of the same for years I have lived.

One important thing I have learned is no matter whom you are, putting others first it is a good thing that you can do as a person. Living a selfless life. A life where you dedicate to others and in doing so, you set examples for others to see, you become like a beacon, shinning bright in the darkness. The greatest honor you can do to yourself is to live your life, for others. People matter.

The common mistakes we both make are that we have always labored for our own benefits, ambitions and goals. We do things for ourselves. It’s perfectly fine, until one day you realize that what you have worked for all this years has been in vain. Yet we had a choice to help others who are in need.  You leave this world yes rich and for what? My wish for you is do what is good. And to do what is good, is showing love to others.  Always wake up with that in mind, to change positively someone’s life. There’s also something else, in showing love, you give.

Giving does not necessarily mean you have plenty. It means you can share even the little you have, to your neighbor who is in need. Looking out for one another.  Many people think that the key to happiness is to have a lot of money, cars, and a good house. Sadly that is not true. Whenever you find yourself happy because you have money, you have a new car or even a house, you have a problem. Then what if the money is gone? The point is, there is more to life than money, or in simple words, material things.

You can not build your life loving material things. Love people; show your care to others. Always learn to give. And when you give, you do so with one heart, not expecting anything in return. Now here is what you need know if you truly want to be happy, if you want to be happy, make other people happy. It is that simple, what you choose to do in that course does not matter. My point is, even as you grow; learn to grow a selfless human being.  Serve others, with a clean heart. It is my wish that these values should grow deeply in your hearts. Come to think about it, it’s  a two way traffic, show love to someone today, and tomorrow when you need it, someone else will show it to you. In the end the choice we make depends entirely on our free will.

We all need each other. No one is more important than another, we are all equal.  And as such it is considered wrong in any human morals to look down upon other people because of pride and material things. Il leave you with that to think about.