The family bond.

Over the course of my life i have come to believe, we are forever bound to those with whom we share blood. As such this bond gives the ability to define ourselves by our family.. from birth we share their names, entrust them to protect that which we hold most dear. we value them above all others. And yet in most cases we are inevitably forced apart, putting to test, the very bond which bounds us together. I have come to believe also that this family bond can be our greatest strength or our deepest regret. Family is a liability and our loved ones are our weakness. And while we may not choose our families, this bond blesses us with an immeasurable power. But we must also accept what comes with it. This bond gives us the responsibility to love without apology. We can never waver from the power of that bond even if it is tested. This bond nourishes us, gives us strength. Without this bond, that power, we are nothing. Inevitably while we may be forced apart, children in particular turn their backs on those who raised them, seeking lives of their own, they see a family as a terrible burden. Family can be our greatest power or our own undoing. The choice is yours.


Civilization is under siege: part 1

There is some one out there who wants to kill you, me and themselves in what they believe is the highest ideal. This fact is devastating and horrible at the conception of that very thought, which leaves you with just one question to ask. “how safe are you?” Terrorism is here to stay so it seems. but as our attention turns to terrorism, lets not forget the elephant in the room, called religion. it is obvious that everyone needs at the center some sense of meaning about about existence, it is life and death to us. it is what makes us who we are as human beings. yet most of us as we grow up and become responsible adults accept that life is complex, making us live in subtle shades and not black and white. my worry however is that this believers are being persuaded into childish uncertainties,the only truth they need desperately need is GOD, GOD as interpreted for them by their pastors and imams. This is not just a fairy tale i feel sad at the reality of this fact, and this is where i feel our hard earned civilization is under attack. we have seen fundamental American Christianity attack science, and what are they offering instead? a mirror image of Islamic extremism, an American Taliban.  The truth is we at a time of lethal polarization where the world’s greatest religion groups are pushing to the limits where there can be no reconciliation. In New York, Madrid, London, and last week in Paris, where we have witnessed religious insanity  of middle east penetrate the heart of this secular west. what happened in Paris last week where 120 innocent people lost their lives is horrible in every sense of it. Just o understand the likes of these terrorists and people like O. Bin Laden , You have to understand the religion terrorism they inspire, is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith (Jihad-ism). it is more surprising that even the so called moderate believers are part of this religious fabric. Religion encourages non reason, as a positive virtue especially for the believers who are totally impeded and submerged  into that virus called faith. and the result? unfathomable. faith is a virus that encourages  non reason, it is divisive and dangerous. the religious leaders are misleading their congregations. we have both seen people who come in the name of Christ who claim to work miracles but knows not the ways of Christ, they just do it to get into your pocket, and if that’s the case may they rot in eternal hell. it is very clear that region is destroying our civilization. OK the line at the bottom is that religion and its believers have and continue to undermine our efforts towards civilization. think about that!index


Love is interesting, and if you have ever loved anyone then you understand what i speak of. Agape love, parental love, romantic love, friendly love etc. it is no doubt that love comes in many forms and guises and with it, comes many good things so to speak. They say love is care, love is happiness, love is kindness, love is gentle, love is patience and so many other good things you may think of that comes with it. it is very true. however, my reason for writing this article is relatively different, to try and diagnose the true nature of love just from my own perspective of it.i never want to differ on this and again like i said it is my perspective, every one has there own way on how they look at it and have freedom to do so.we both live in environments that are not constant, habitats that are highly vulnerable and altered at any instant. we encounter set backs in life everyday, like broken marriages, family violations, insecurity, sadism, suicide, murder and many more problems that we encounter daily. but as we collide with this problems lets not forget the elephant in the room called love. think of it. love can make someone commit suicide or murder. why is that the case? do we dismiss it as obsession? i believe if this happens it is time we stop and stand still to question what love really is. my point is even if we both love to be loved and to love, we appreciate every ounce of love, and its presence among us we need to understand its casualties and its domain.

A young man  Oliver Coleslaw was woken up early in the morning by a devastating phone call, a call that changed his life for ever. it was a call from his work place the department of Justice in New York city. He was the prime suspect for the murder of Martin Lobs. Martin was the ex boyfriend to Jennifer, Oliver’s current girlfriend. They had fought over her the previous night and Oliver had beaten Martin, leaving him at the mercy of the night, little did he knew he had killed him. Murder is a very heavy crime and he knew that he was facing a serious charge at its least is life in a maximum prison. His dreams were shuttered especially with Jennifer, the girl he loved. Now this story got me thinking; ‘wow! this is what love can do!’ in my opinion love creates some sort of selfishness in a sense that we do not want to share, especially those we love. love creates jealous in our hearts whenever we know we are sharing those we love. In the bible God was jealous when Israelite worshiped the golden calf and the reason is simple He loved the Israelite. This love in my view created a kind of hatred and malice which causes people to suffer and do the bad things they do like murder and suicide and other terrible actions in the name of love. A man or woman will kill for love. love creates malice, egocentricity, pride and false hope. among the catastrophes that faces humanity lets not forget love as the main genesis among other gene-sises. they story of Cain and Abel clearly depicts this in black and white. Cain became jealous of his brother because God loved Abel’s sacrifices. Terrorists will kill for love of his Jihad. love is a disease affecting humanity and it is dangerous.



indexinvisible empire that rules the world

In this world we are born quite unfortunately with two choices. And as we grow up and become responsible adults, some of us make choices different from what we were told or we continue to live with what we were taught when we were growing up. Regardless of the choice you make, the truth is you are either serving GOD the creator of heavens and earth, the one GOD who is Alpha and the omega, the GOD who is was, and will be and HE is the most high GOD. The father of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind or you are serving Satan, the rebellious angel who was cast out to Earth (K.J.V Revelation 12:7-9). Now do not be deceived the devil has taken over this world and ruling it in his many ways. From entertainment, politics, banking, media and even more surprisingly religion, he has for the longest time in history of mankind manipulated their minds, corrupted their thoughts so that what remain at this point in time for humanity is doubts and anger towards GOD the Father. It’s more fascinating at how things are turning and taking shape around us, everyday of the calendar. Every day we wake up with a new lie, a new doubt even from the very own people whom we trust most, false prophets all over the place. And if you are reading this know that Satan is at work, and this time round he is vigorous than ever before. He is well aware of the time. And so my friends this is not the usual story you guys have been hearing all along. This is so real. The end is so near. It’s so near that you need to wake up, from slumber land limbo. For example look around you. Look around and tell me who your favorite musician is. It’s simple its either secular or gospel. Now if it’s gospel who is the musician? Do they sing to glorify God? You know it’s easy to tell if the gospel is really for God or just for entertainment. If it’s gospel that glorify God, the song will draw you towards God, and make you do the will of God. The music will make you feel in harmony with God. Otherwise if it’s the gospel music you listen to and you feel its normal entertainment just know that music is not from God. The kind of gospel music you hear playing in a club. Now listen, Satan has gone too far to infiltrate even gospel music. He uses the singer’s talents to glorify himself, what happens is, the musician has the talent they know they have the talent but instead of doing it for the glory of God they do it to glorify themselves, with money and fame. They are after money. And so beware of them. Satan uses them to mislead you. Quite unfortunately I have to mention to you this; that most of these musician celebrities, politicians, most C.E.Os and just to be precise, most celebrities if not all belong to secret societies. This secret societies are the ones behind every major decisions made in this world. In other words they rule the world. They are as they call themselves, ‘the most elite’. Most of them join these secret societies without understanding the bloody history of these societies, but rather because they know these societies will benefit their careers. These secret societies worship a terrible monster called the Devil, themselves are afraid of admitting in public. They are called the conspiracy societies. Now the main agenda of these societies is to rule the world. What they call the New World Order, Where everything is new. Here there will be one world government, one currency, one religion and one military. In the New World Order you will be considered guilty until proven innocent. Thanks to the fast changing technology. And to achieve that, they have to distract you and me from realizing what is going on around us. Because if you are worried about high rising of living standards, you are worried about your favorite team loosing in a match, about security, about your favorite celebrity’s death, your TV bills and even the new phone model in the market, they have literary controlled your mind. It’s called the mass population mind control. Like the programs we watch are controlled and monitored. Everything we watch is by design, everything that happens in the world now is by design. We are being told they are installing cameras in every corner of the country because they want to make us safe. But that is not the intention. The intention is they want to watch you and me. Everything we do is being monitored. We are being monitored and keenly. You will be shocked how the devil has misled the church of Christ. Satan has entered the church and is misleading the church. A small survey in the USA shows most modern bibles being used today by most Christians is the New International Version (N.I.V), New King James Version (N.K.JV), Holy Bible and so many other translated versions available in the market today. But it is more astonishing how the translations have been done. Like for example, the N.I.V bible has 16 verses missing from New Testament. These are; Matthew 17:21, Luke 23:17, John 5:4, Acts 8:37, Matthew 18:11,Matthew 23:14, Mark 7:16, Mark 9:44, Acts 15:34, Acts 24:7, Acts 28:29, Romans 16:24, Mark 9:44, Mark 9:46, Mark 11:26 and Mark 15:28. What led to all these verses missing from the N.I.V bible? Where did they go? All gone! They were omitted, by the translators who work for devil. This was no accident! And it’s just surprising, how the translations have been made if you compare the King James Version and the N.I.V bible. For example compare 2Corinthians 5:17 from King James Version it says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is new creature, old things are passed away; behold all things are become a new. (K.J.V 2Corinthians 5:17)”Notice the difference; the N.I.V says “Therefore if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come: The old has gone the new is here! (N.I.V 2Corinthians 5:17)” the N.I.V bible is just misleading in this context. It’s a pity most Christians use this bible instead of the K,J.V, which was the original translation from the writers of the bible. Am not preaching, am only stating a fact here. And the fact is we have been lied to. And we have been lied to this time, in very big way. Wake up guys we can end this. Technology is changed and its changing fast than we can think. For example how will you like a microchip implanted in your right arm or fore head? I know it sounds futuristic or something out of a fiction movie, but guess what? The future is here. This technology not only exists but it’s being used in the developed countries by the technologically elite who, finally begin to breach the gap between our digital and physical identities. So how close are we to microchip identities? According to NBC news, in 2017 in the USA you will not be able to access medical services if you don’t have the chip called the (R.F.I.D.s). Think about it, if you know your bible well then you must understand what this is in the bible. “The mark of the beast” The end is not coming, these are the end times. This is your time to turn to the true gospel of Christ. Learn from the signs and the true prophets of GOD. And so I ask you, where do you belong? Turn away from evil before it’s too late.

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