War Against Terror

Terrorism from history is as old as hills. What really causes terrorism? Many have suggested poverty and oppression. They say eradicate poverty, oppression and terrorism will vanish. That’s not true however; we have to understand that terrorism thrives even in developed countries such as American, and even the Middle East. We live in a time of lethal polarization where the world’s greatest religions are pushing the limits where there can be no reconciliation. In New York, Madrid and London we have seen the religious insanities of Middle East penetrate heart of secular west. To understand the likes of Osama bin laden you have to understand that the religious terrorism they inspire is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith. Even the so called moderate believers are part of the religious fabric. They encourage unreason as a positive virtue. What really worries is that the so called religious warriors think of what they do as the ultimate right. Terrorism has appeared in many forms and guises, nationalism-separatists, inspired by the extreme left and radical right. Contemporary terrorism fueled by religious and nationalist fanaticism, operating in failed states and sometimes instigated, financed and manipulated by governments is more dangerous than ever before.
Talk of ethnic conflicts, which are equally unsolvable. For example what if the two ethnic groups claim a territory which they are unwilling to compromise? The truth is, war against terror is far from over. It’s better to face the truth than live in false hope. War against terror cannot be worn by eradicating poverty and oppression. Eradication of poverty and oppression should be done to improve humanity welfare not to combat terror. From history we realize that terrorism thrives in only free societies. For example there was not terrorism in Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. There was no or none even in less harsh dictatorships. Terrorism thrives in free societies where freedom is enjoyed. In society of freedom in certain circumstances, if terrorism has been permitted to operate too freely and become a nuisance a high price has to be paid in terms of limitations of freedom and human rights to put an end to it. Of course free societies are reluctant to pay such a price. This is one of the greatest dilemmas of our times and no one has so far found a painless way to solve it. To me that is the only way to go, if that is the price to pay to curb this rampant inhuman menace of terror, then be it.


If we Africans are not stupid how do you prove otherwise?

Across the continents it is said that Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources and culture. Yet it is the poorest continent in terms of development. Africa is suffering from difficult times. Myself am proud to be African, but am not happy with the state in which Africa is in right now. I live in a continent where young men and women have no hope. They are well educated but have no jobs. For them it is easy to turn to crime and violence, because they too needs means to survive and that turns to be the only way out for them. Africa leadership is far behind schedule. Talk about corruption, you find its rampant in Africa, poor education systems you find them in Africa, poor development policies both in Africa unemployment rates are highest in Africa, poverty levels, poor health facilities and services, of course they are in Africa these facts we have to accept. Talk of poor transport systems and you will find them in Africa. I mean all negativity and backwardness in one continent! Africa is the continent where negativity reigns supreme. What surprises me most is the fact nobody seems to care. Nobody cares about their own continent. Their level of stupidity and ignorance has blinded them so that they cannot see. They do not realize the problems they are in! how do we say then that we are cleaver people? The answer is NO! we are stupid and we deserve a beating to wake up! This level of stupidity I cannot really understand. Talk of any negative thing about humanity and you will find it in Africa why? Why can’t we have even one good thing out of Africa? Anything positive? We are backward we have to admit. The sooner the better for both of us. Both our leaders and we citizens. The world views Africa as a stupid continent because that’s how we present her to the rest of the world. We Africans if we have to develop and compete equally with the rest of the world, we need to wake up from slumber quo. We need to broaden our thinking. Especially those people we elect to be our leaders. Leadership in this continent is eccentric and full of greedy unthinking people who maliciously grab and never gets enough. Grabbing what right fully belongs to the poor innocent citizens who in their naivety elected them, hoping to be helped. In Africa people are after enriching themselves. No one cares about their poor brothers in the neighborhood starving to death. After they grab they run away from Africa to go and “invest” in other continents, leaving Africa wounded, to fend for her own poor people. They run away looking for better life abroad. They run away because they know what they have done. Stolen from Africa. Leaving the poor to the mercies of starvation, unemployment, poverty and finally death in poverty. It is sad and it is bad. How can we have all these natural resources and yet we can’t use them to develop? We cry of poverty which is true, and yet we have everything to develop, or is it that we lack confidence in ourselves? A lot has been said about African and I think we Africans are the change. Don’t wait for America, Europe or even Asia to come to help. They will always laugh at us. The truth is we can develop if we want to. Only if we open our eyes to the reality facing us and work hard towards real change. We need to stop bad leadership and elect people who are willing to develop this continent. People with a vision and good heart not greedy fellows. Here it is better to face reality than false hope. Nothing positive comes from Africa. Am not being pessimistic am just stating a fact. If you think otherwise bring it on. This however must change. It doesn’t has to be this way always. Lets wake up and fight bad leadership, corruption, poverty and lets educate our society on issues that are important to them. Its our responsibility to make sure that the next generation lives in a better Africa that we did. All these has to be done. Someone has to do them. Let that someone be you, us. I have published this article intentionally because am doing my part to mobilize you and the others who read this article today to take part in this mission to change Africa for the better.


If we are fine why are we dying like flies? Well sir the truth is you are being lied to! With your very own trusted advisors. When they come and say “sir we have been on the ground and the situation has been controlled” or they say” sir, the problem will be solved very soon” well sir, the truth is Kenyans are suffering. Its sad to tell you this. This is the situation and this is the truth, not from one of your advisers or any political person whatsoever. This is from the Kenyan people themselves because the people they elect do not represent them in any way sir. This is from a concerned Kenyan wounded from the Garissa university college that was attacked two days ago by the so called Al-shabaab, that saw 148 innocent Kenyans killed. Well sir its so sad. Am writing this because I believe you will read this letter. Otherwise I couldn’t bother to write. As for now sir, as scared to leave the house because am afraid, I do not know what will befall when I go to the market. Sir I will not waste your time, so I will go straight to the point. Sir we have a problem! A serious problem of insecurity in this country and we need it addressed once and for all. This sir, is not a request. During your campaigns you promised to provide us we adequate security. Even so, during your inauguration as the fourth president of this country you assured the rest of us to secure our borders. I don’t understand why this can’t be addressed. Well sir, I think the solution to insecurity in this country will not be addressed by recruiting more police officers into the army! Or bombing al-shabaab’s camps in jets located at kismayu. You need to understand that most Kenyan youths have finished their education and have no jobs sir. And so they easily fall for the ready Al-shabaab’s bait, and in so doing they come back to kill their own innocent fellow citizens who are unprotected by your government, in their own course to fulfill their duty. Of course their duty! Well sir that is not all. Most of your officers who are supposed to provide the security to your people are corrupt. They take bribes from the Al-shabaab into the country. Sir am afraid if this continues you will lack the people to vote for you in the next general election in 2017. Or even if elected you will have no one left to lead! Why do you think your officers are corrupt sir? It’s not because they love it when they take bribe, its because they have mouths and families to take care of! With the rising cost of living, the economy is crushing us down. The point is sir, those officers need to be paid and not just paid, but they need to be paid well. Their well being needs to be looked into, so that they protect your people not taking bribes from them instead! If this is done I think they will readily protect this nation. And corruption will end at least on their side sir. Sir as long as you are still the president of this wonderful and beautiful country and unemployment and the menace of corruption is not dealt with, as a citizen I will not be safe. Do something about it sir. That’s not all sir, am greatly worried and concerned about the state of the roads in this country. Our roads need to be improved they need to be expanded for God’s sake! I mean they are too narrow. How do you expect to reduce the rates of accidents with these kind of roads? Sir the big problem is that in this country we are not serious even with our own lives. Our leaders have some kind of stupidity in them, of course not you sir I believe you are a man full of big dreams and vision for this country. But please do not take so long to implement your visions and goals. If you look at the state of the roads in this country you get a clear picture that we are not serious as a nation. For example its common site at least to everyone that all our roads are a two tier traffic, the coming and going of traffic on the same narrow road! I Think it’s even God’s mercies that we are all not dead. Why sir? Why can’t we have better roads in this country? Please sir, help me get it. Why can’t we have just better roads? Is the money the problem? I hear there is a railway being underway construction in Lamu. That’s applause on your side sir. But what kind of rail is it again? Is it Electric? Sir these are the major issues that needs to be addressed, and very urgently sir.
1) Insecurity- whichever means you will use, doesn’t matter we need security that we earnestly pay for.
2) Unemployment – our young men beautiful sisters are well educated but have no jobs. Am not asking you to give them jobs sir, what am saying is you can provide an environment for them to get jobs.
3) Economy is crushing us down. The very people who voted for you in the office can’t even afford basic items on the market. Basic like food.
4) Improve the state of roads in this wonderful country. I mean they are so narrow. Why cant we have good roads? In fact its common knowledge to me that all roads in every estate should be tarmac. Of course why not?
5) Improve the state of living conditions of our highly esteemed brother and sisters who protect and secure the borders and your citizens in this country. Pay them well. I overheard that those who came to rescue the victims of the Garissa university college victims were given just ksh500 for lunch? Really? If so then that is really bad sir. It means you are not even close to helping our brothers and sisters in this field. That however has to change. If you don’t follow this simple advice you will never end corruption in you system. Having said that sir, I need to give you time to rest but allow me to say one thing, please it will be great and its my prayer that you unite this country. You our president and that should not be a big problem at all. End tribalism in your government lead by example give all Kenyans equal opportunities and stop being biased sir. If you do all these no doubt I will gladly vote for you com e the next elections in 2017. Sir am only a messenger and that is what I have done, deliver the message. The message of the people, the poor people. We hopefully look up to you. Sir we…sir can you hear me? Sir? Sir? Is anybody there? Sir can you hear me? Please! Anybody there?! Pleeeease! Somebody help me! Obama! Can you hear me? Al-shabaab is killing us!

Why Marijuana should NOT be Legalised

Cannabis Sativa, the name of a plant from which marijuana comes from when it is dried. Its usually smoked in hand rolled cigarettes or brewed in tea and even in food.
Even though we have personal freedom and free will and understand that each country has a responsibility to respect individual free will and their rights to free determination, we have to understand also that immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one’s set of moral beliefs. War against drugs can serve as the immediate interest of politicians who takes a “moral” stand against drugs or fighting evils caused by illegal trade. They only increase their popularity in their respective constituents.
When a certain drug is illegal in a certain country or state that does not stop traffickers from producing the drug and selling it. And so considering legalization of marijuana, before even making it legal one has to weigh both positive and negative impact of marijuana on the society and what the majority of the population thinks about it. Most population across the world considers marijuana as unhealthy. The impact of the drug on one’s health should also be considered.
On Friday 13th march 2015 according to yahoo news, The Texas law makers have introduced a comprehensive medical marijuana legislation that would allow patients suffering from serious conditions including cancer and seizure disorder to access the plant with the doctor’s prescription. Evidently legalizing marijuana its consumption will increase because of its ready availability and the reduced prices. This will create new consumers rather than saving the current ones. We both know that drug use is dangerous, because drug alters the way our brain works negatively. Even apart from the users themselves, there are vast effects on the society as a whole. Any responsible state or government cannot legalize marijuana because we have known this drug to have more negative effects than the positive ones. The government is responsible for the health of its people and so it cannot be involved in distribution of this substance considered immoral and unhealthy by majority. If it does so it will be exposing its citizens to more risk of illness against its main goal which is to take care of the health of its people. The rising cost of health care, violence related with use of drugs, neglect suffered by innocent children by their drug addict parents. All this will come up if marijuana is legalized. Considering these negative effects of drug use, we should avoid legalizing this drug. We both need a healthy and peaceful society to live in.

Wrong ways to cope with pain

Pain happens to all, but different people respond differently. In adult years many have been wounded or betrayed with their close friends and even relatives. Mostly people we love are the ones who hurt most. These sense of betrayal triggers negative feelings within ourselves. These feelings if not dealt with carefully might lead to desperate means to get out of the pain. This desperate means could lead to more serious problems than solving the initial one, which could lead to depression. Human beings cannot fully eliminate all negative feelings and still maintain positive ones. As people try to block negative feelings they also block positive ones as well. That’s why most people who have grown up in those circumstances are unable to remember anything good about growing up. Here are some of the ways people practice in their quest to cope with pain and end up more desperate than before.
1) Refusing to feel the pain. Many who have been wounded or betrayed before, decide suppress all emotions and refuse to feel anything about it. As children it simply hurts too much to feel a rejection, neglect, abuse or shame. Once grown up they condition themselves not t allow these emotions to hurt them and so they refuse to feel pain.
2) Alternative sensation to pain. Some people find an alternative feeling that’s greater than overwhelming sensation of pain. An outside stimulus to outweigh the hurt within, e. g. they resort to drugs, eating, alcoholism, sex, work holism (over commitment to work).these becomes their exit options. Still other also resort to violence against their spouse and children.
3) Passivity. The passive acknowledges the hurt but do nothing about it. they know they should face the offender but they would rather keep the peace. These type of people would rather be liked. They want to keep the peace with everybody.
4) Denial. These type of people never want to acknowledge that they have been hurt by someone close to them. They thrive on justification. They even rather blame themselves, rather than people who hurt them. They play the ostrich by burying their heads in the sand and assume the problem is gone! This doesn’t change the reality, it only delay facing it.
Now the only way to cope with the hurt is to face it. Even if you did all these that we have discussed above, there is no change or solution arrived at. Rather they create more problems.
Terry Kellogg once said “Pain from our past that is unresolved is pain we are condemned to repeat.”
Bad thing also happens to good people. In this life even the innocent get punished. In all this that’s not the end of the road. The good news is you can still grow through pain and live even better than before.
1) Learn to forgive. Though massively unfair, it is the only way to emotional health. Is not a dirty word to forgive that’s where the road to freedom starts.
2) Reconcile. May not apply to all situations though. But it can be necessary to rebuild a relationship while still you can. You can still work towards reconciliation.
You can confront these realities and come out better, rather than die in depression. It takes courage but it is the right thing to do. Cowards die many deaths before the real one comes, but the courageous live on and better. Make a wise choice when dealing with pain.


You have walked and searched long, wide and hard but still you cant find a job. In Kenya its quite normal, not only in Kenya but across the world. Looking for a job becomes your job. Here is the thing my friend regardless of where you come from money is a problem. Unless you were born in state house. However hard life is you need to survive. When it comes to making money don’t be choosy on the kind of job you do, just as long as it’s legal in this country. What is important is you need to make money and survive. In Kenya especially in Nairobi if you look for a job you will look forever. But if you look for money you will do anything that comes your way just to add an extra coin in your pocket. Now you have searched for job and nothing seems coming your way. Meanwhile you can afford Ksh1000? I believe if you are serious person that’s enough capital to start a small scale business. This amount can give you a booming business here in Nairobi. Here are some of the suggestions you may need to consider to start a business with Ksh1000.
1) Egg business. In Kenya eggs are on high demand and pays well too. This is because eggs are required in large quantities especially around urban areas. In Nairobi for example an egg goes for ksh20, while in other rural areas its ksh8 averagely. So if you have ksh1000 you can buy 125 eggs and sell them at ksh20 each. This will give you ksh2500. That’s 150% profit! So as you do this be patient and determined you will finally arrive!
2) If you have an experience in cooking then “mandazi” or “chapatti” will do you a great deal. A 2kg of wheat goes for ksh130 averagely. Cooking fat is about ksh110, 0.5kg. Plus other small ingredients which will cost you about ksh100. One packet averagely will produce 50 “mandazi “ or 20 “chapatti”. You can look for a market, especially where there is work going on like a construction site will be great. You can sell 1chapati at ksh20 or 1manadzi at ksh10. Now for chapatti you will make ksh400 and for “mandazi” you will make ksh500. This is from one packet. And if you target 5 packets, that will give you ksh2500 for “mandazi” and 2000 for “chapatti”.
With ksh1000 you need to be creative and come up with a smart plan that will generate you some profit to keep you going. as you wait for your career.

Why religion is destroying our society

A suicide bomber kills for what they believe is the highest ideal.They are out there to kill you,me and themselves,because they believe if they kill they will get in heaven.To understand this kind of a person you need to know the religion terrorism they inspire is a logical outcome of the deeply held faith.(Jihadsm).Faith disco urages free thought.We live in a time of lethal polarisation where we have seen the world’s greatest religions push to the limits where there can be no reconciliation.We have witnessed Christian insanity penetrating our society too.we have seen people claim to perform miracles in the name of Christ,just to get into your pockets to steal what yo u have worked so hard to get.religion has destroyed our society.I thought this twenty first century should be a century of reason and sanity.its to the contrary.If only we could put aside our religious deferences this world would be a peaceful and wonder full place to live.

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